Monday, September 28, 2009

What a JERK!

No seriously, what a perfect piece of jerk chicken. Ha! I had marinated chicken breast tonight and I marinated it in jerk sauce.

The World Harbors Marinades are amazing if you've never had them. There are about 7-8 (I think) different kinds and they are all fab-u-lous!!! I am pretty sure that almost every grocery store carries them. Just check in the aisle with the sauces and marinades. I also pounded out my chicken breast beforehand. I don't like my chicken really thick because I think it gets dried out that way. You can easily use a meat clever to do the pounding, just place the chicken breast in a baggie or between two pieces of saran wrap and then start pounding. I don't have a meat clever (I know! Can you believe it...a kitchen utensil I actually don't have!!!) and so I used the bottom of a coffee cup. It worked just dandy.

I also had some peas, which I love. I never liked them as a kid, but love them now. If you look closely you can see the steam rising off of them. I was looking at the photo for the longest time wondering what it was. Was it a smear on the lens? Was there something wrong with the camera? Then I figured it out. Aaahhhh (insert picture of lightbulb here), it is the steam from the peas. Ha!

I also had some buttered rice. Loooooove it! I buy the single serving Minute Rice ones. They come in this cute little one-cup serving cup and you just microwave it for 1-minute and walluh, yummy rice. I could seriously have buttered rice every night and never get sick of it. When I was younger I would put ketchup (I know, right?) on my rice. Weird! Now I eat it with butter. OMG!!! It is so incredibly good. Really though, with butter anything is incredibly good. ;)

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