Friday, September 25, 2009

Ruby Tuesday (on Friday)

Every once in awhile I am craving a big, thick, juicy burger. Ruby Tuesday's has an awesome burger. It is my all-time favorite at Ruby Tuesday's...the Alpine Swiss Burger. It has swiss cheese and sautéed baby portabella mushrooms. OMG! It so good and fab-u-lous!!. There are a ton of mushrooms and you know me and the schrooms. Love them! I always get my burgers done medium rare or medium. I know it can be unsafe to get your burgers done any less than well done, but WHATEVER, that's so not true. I've been eating my meat rare to medium rare for years and I'm still breathing. Ha!

This burger is HUGE!!! (Okay the picture is not of my fave burger, but I couldn't find a picture of that one, but you get the gist of the hugeness.) Seriously, if you know me you know I have a big mouth (Ha!), but I must cut this burger in half because is it THAT BIG! I always ask for mayonnaise on the side for my burger because I roll like that.

This burger also comes with french fries. I mean it would be un-American to have a burger without french fries. And I also always ask for ranch dressing on the side to dip my french fries in. I am all about the sauce. I'm just a saucy kind of gal. :)

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  1. Hi Nina! I came over from my daughter's blog(Kelly's Korner) and what a neat surprise to see a food blog! After a quick scan of all the delicious-looking food, I can't believe you are so small!! I love to eat too!

    I want to try making that cake...yum!

    I hope you will keep looking for a church and plug in!
    May the Lord bless you today!