Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oh We are So On the Border!!!

I went to On the Border today with some friends. I loooooove On the Border. It is so yummy. I just totally love Mexican food.

First off, they bring out the chips and salsa. They have the BEST chips. They are warm and have the just right amount of salt. OMG! they are so good!

We got the Guacamole Live appetizer, which just means that they make it "live" in front of you and it is not pre-made. It is really good too!

I always get the same thing...the Make your Own Combo. I always get the one for three different entrees. I get the cheese and onion enchilada with the sour cream sauce (not the red enchilada sauce; although they brought me the wrong one), one taco and one chile relleno. I love chile rellenos. Mmmmmmm....chile rellenos. My gosh, I am getting hungry right now just thinking about. Aren't you? It also comes with rice and refried beans. Sorry about the photot, I couldn't wait and started eating my rice and then remembered to still had to take a picture. Ha!

On the Border Rocks!!!!!

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  1. That looks SO yummy, Nina! We don't have that chain here, but I wish we did! Do they have Taco Bell by where you are? I wish we had a Mexican make your own combo. But then my weight loss effort would've never been realized, LOL! It looks so GOOOOOD!

    Have a lovely week...and a yummy one, too!

    In His Joy,