Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How Can a Fungus Taste So Yummy?

I couldn't think what to make tonight for dinner and then remembered I had portabello mushrooms in the fridge I also thawed out some turkey burgers and what a fantastic combination. Yummo! My brother Todd used to call these "shroomby's" when we were growing up and would get them at Hardee's (mushroom and swiss burger).

Although, I really didn't need the burger. I have been known to just cook up some mushrooms in a little bit of butter and there is a delicious dinner too. Ha!

The roll is one of those new Arnold Flatbread rolls. They are so good too! The turkey burgers are from Trader Joe's (loooooove Trader Joe's!!!) as are the mushrooms. I'm not a good maker of burgers. I never seem to get them even and I make them entirely too big (yes there is such a thing. Ha!) and so it takes them forever to cook. Buying them already made is so much easier for me and I then I can just cook or grill them up.

An easy and simple, yet fab-u-lous dinner. Enjoy!


  1. I've always avoided mushrooms because my mother didn't like them, so I thought I didn't, too. Boy, was I wrong! I'll have to try them like you suggested!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my's always a pleasure to make new blog friends. I'll be back often!!!

  3. We have a monestary near here, Mepkin Abbey, and they have started growing the MOST delicious mushrooms. Pricey, but DELICIOUS!