Monday, September 14, 2009

I Just Love a Fair

Today my friend, Shannon, and I went to a fair. It was a good ol country fair with farm animals and rides and FAIR FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! It was all so incredibly good. Where to begin? Luckily for you, I took my camera and took pictures of all the yummo food I ate. Ha!

First off, I had these fantastic fried mushrooms. They were incredible. They were not your average fried mushrooms; they were HUGE and fresh!!! And they came with this delicious horseradish sauce or ranch dressing. The mushroom juice was excruciatingly hot though. You know what mushroom juice is, it is the liquid that pops out when you bite into something fried. Gimme a shout out if ya know what I am talking about. My brother, Todd, keeps telling me there is no such thing, but in my world of culinary expertise (of which there is none) it exists. Ha!

Second, I had a lobster roll. I have lived in Connecticut for four years now and prior to moving here, I had never heard of a lobster roll. But, lemme tell you, they are fab-u-lous!!!!! It is cooked lobster meat (big chunks) then soaked in butter :) and then placed on a toasted bun! OMG!!!! Sooooooooo good! Granted you could probably just inject it into your arteries, but so incredible.

Next, I got kettle corn to take home (C'mon really, I was getting STUFFED). Now, if you have never had kettle corn, you don't know what you are missing! Seriously. It is that good. My friend, and now my aunt, call this Crack-in-a-Bag. It is so addicting. I got the smaller bag, but I had to show you how big of a bag you can get. My sister-in-law Terry loves this stuff. This is an incredibly horrendous picture of me by the way. It was a million degrees outside for September. Bleh.

Last, but certainly not least, Shannon's daughter, Melissa, got a funnel cake. I grew up in Pennsylvania and so we were practically raised on funnel cakes. They are sweet, fried, powdered sugared, plates of goodness. It is so good. Absolutely fantastic!!

Okay, stick a pin in me because I am about ready to pop! :)

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  1. FUNNEL CAKE! Yummo! I haven't had one of those in years it seems like!

    Also, I had several foldies on my trip!