Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Serious, Serious Fair Food

This past weekend I went to the Big E in Massachusetts. The Big E is one big state fair for all of the New England states. I think it is because none of the New England states are big enough for their own state fair and so they combine all of them into one big one.

Well, if you read my blog a couple of weeks ago you know that I love a fair, especially the fair food. OMG!! This fair was even better than the last one. SO MUCH FOOD EVERYWHERE!!!!

First off we had a Lobster Roll. Oh my gosh (OMG) it was so delicious. I didn't even eat the roll because it would have just filled me up and I had LOTS more taste testing to do. Ha!

Next, I had some mac-and-cheese. I didn't take a picture because it was so sorry and yucky that it didn't deserve a picture. I love mac-and-cheese so much it is my fifth food group, but this was such an injustice.

Next, there was this little Italian Pastry stand and they had all homemade pastries. I got an Eclair and oh my gosh (total OMG!!!!) it was amazing. Completely fab-u-lous!!! The inside was filled with homemade custard. Mmmmmmm.....so good.

Next, I had a corn dog. Nothing says fair like a corn dog. A lot of people think they are gross or weird, but I am not one of them. Corn dogs are the BEST. The corn bread that covers the hot dog is sweet and fried and so good. What's better than a hot dog on a stick. I mean really, isn't everything better on a stick?????

And finally I had a cream puff. The Big E is known for their cream puffs. They are made right there just for the Big E. They are so big and so yummy! Two pieces of puff pastry with cream inside. What's not to like? I still think they would be better with cream cheese icing than fluffy cream, but then they wouldn't be called cream puffs. I guess they would be called...hmmm...cream cheese icing puffs. Nope, just doesn't sound the same. Oh well, they still rock. And so does and always will...fair food!


  1. In the corn dog picture you forgot to mention the yummy, yummy cheese fries that you shared with me. Fries and cheese sauce is a great combination. Thanks for including us in your food fun. Cannot wait for the Apple Harvest festival! -John

  2. Lobster Roll... Now that is interesting!