Friday, September 11, 2009

Hola! It's Mexicana Night.

Rainy, chilly (even had the heat on in my car), Friday evening. What to do for dinner? Of course...COMFORT FOOD!!! Ummm...quesadillas!! I had some yummy aged maple smoked Gouda that I got in Vermont a couple of weeks ago, but no bacon and no spinach. What to do? Oh wait, I have some shredded crab meat (Okay so it's imitation crab meat, but so what, I'm not judging.) Fab-u-lous combination.

I'm so excited now. Seriously, gimme a bib 'cause I'm drooling. Ha! And to think I thought of this all on my own. I need to give myself more credit.

So, you just take 2 tortillas (I used Chi-Chi's brand wheat ones) and then shred some cheese (you can use whatever type of cheese you want to) and put the shredded cheese on top of one tortillas and then put the crab meat on and then the other tortilla on top and wall-ah. Yummo! So simple and yet so tasty!

I used a quesadilla maker, which is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. Plus, it is so cool the way it is also divided evenly. I even took a picture of the inside cheesy, ooey goodness. OMG! It is so good!!! You must make this soon.

One day I will have to post about kitchen gadgets. Seriously I have so many.

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