Sunday, October 4, 2009

OMG! Look What Nina's NOT Eating. :(

Sorry for the brief hiatus, but I have esophagitus (an inflamed esophagus). I was on prescription Doxycylcine and one of the side effects is esophagitus and of course I don't ever read ALL of the side effects (I mean really, there are pages with the prescription and it is in 7-point font size). I thought at first I was just having heartburn but Tums weren't working and it was getting worse and so I went to the doctor and they found out what I had. Basically the medicine was eroding my esophagus and now it is also inflamed. The worst thing is NO COFFEE and NO SOLID FOOD!!!!! OMG! For this foodie that is unfair and so not right.

So, I have been trying to be good for the past day so it heals faster. Bland, liquid food is not fun and definitely nothing to write home about, or in this case write on the blog about. Ha!

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