Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't Be Scared, It's Legal

I may be down, but I'm not out. :) I had an endoscopy this morning and found out I have some ulcers on my esophagus. Yuck, I know! I am on a bland, soft diet for the next couple of weeks. That can be difficult for a foodie like me. But, I'm going to work through it. Bear with me my friends, I will be posting yummy foods I swear, they just won't always be of the solid type.

Okay, enough of that. Tonight I was at BJ's and saw this amazing, fab-u-lous soup. It is by Legal Seafood, which is located in Boston. The soup is the Lobster Bisque and OMG!!!! it is fantastic! Mmmmmmm...it is so rich and creamy. I also added a dollup of sour cream and yummo! True, you don't need that extra sour cream, but hey I haven't eaten hardly anything since Friday and have dropped 5 pounds since Friday and so I could handle it. Ha!

If you have a BJ's near you, grab your keys, jump in your car and drive there right now (or I am sure you could order it online too; it would be so worth it). You've got to have this for dinner. For the amount you get (2 large containers) the price is not too shabby. It's a steal at $11.99 (but it's legal!). :)

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  1. I hate to hear about your ulcers! Do they know what caused them? I can't imagine bland, soft food for weeks! Good luck with that, and feel better!!!

    Oh, and, I love lobster bisque!