Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Court for This Squash

It has gotten pretty chilly here in CT. and I got home too late to make something fresh and so I grabbed one of these soups. When I was at BJ's last week and picked up the Legal Seafood Lobster Bisque, I also bought this Butternut Squash and Apple soup. It is made by Panera. It is fab-u-lous! I looooove butternut squash soup. It is so rich and creamy and totally YUMMY!!!

But c'mon it is from Panera and so how wrong or bad could it really be? Panera is awesome! I love Panera. I have actually never seen this soup on the menu in the restaurant, but they obviously sell it in the grocery stores.

Of course I had to add some sour cream to it. I don't know what it is, but I seem to always do that to my soups. Sour cream is such an incredible condiment. I should seriously buy some stock in sour cream. Ha!

This soup has some different flavors to it (besides the butternut squash and apple flavors). I tasted a hint of garlic and also some onion and it overall tasted roasted to me. I really couldn't tap into just one of the three, the flavors kept switching on me. It reminded me of Violet on Willy Wonka when she was chewing that gum and going through the various courses of a dinner. Seriously, it was like a riot going on in my mouth. I love when that happens, when there is one fantastic flavor after another. There was a party going on in my mouth and I was haaaaaappy! :)

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