Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Black Beans + Cheese = Mmmm Good.

Tonight for dinner I had black bean and mozzarella quesadillas. Yummy!! You know me and the quesadillas and I am always thinking of different foods to put into a quesadilla. I like black beans and I do like cheese and so I knew it would be a yummy combination.

So simple to make...a flour tortilla, some black beans and cheese on top.

Then a second tortilla on top of that one.

This is the fab-u-lous, amazing, fantastic...quesadilla maker!!! You simply close and lock the lid and then a few minutes later...

walluh (okay, I know I've been spelling this word wrong, but it sounds better this way and I like it!), you have cheesy goodness! And you know, of course I added sour cream on top. I seriously think I could have sour cream with every meal. :) Are there others of you out there that really like sour cream too?

If you've never had black beans (if that is even possible!!) I'm not sure how to explain them to you. I can't really explain the flavor. The texture is very similar to that of a baked bean, but the flavor is different. I just know they are good. Ha! :)


  1. Hi Nina, You know I didn't see the butternut squash/apple soup on the menu at Panera. I ate their summer corn chowder (again) because it is soooo delish! I also had their Napa chicken salad sandwich. it is just delish also with grapes and almonds. Yum!

    I will have to try your black beans and cheese quesadillas. Hubs doesn't like beans in general but loves black beans. He lived several years in Cuba when he was growing up 'cause his Dad was a colonel in the Army and they ate black beans there.

    I love anything with sour cream too!! Makes everything better, doesn't it?? Har

    Have a great week!

  2. Now, I can do this! This looks great! Thanks for the tip!