Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mashin' & Sundaes. No Really, It's Good.

Love me some mashed potatoes. Tonight for dinner I had Herb & Butter Mashed Potatoes. They were actually Wal-Mart brand and really tasty. Okay, call me weird, but I like instant mashed potatoes better than real mashed potatoes. There I said it, I'm not too proud to admit, I like them instant! You say, "What?", well, whateva. :)

I added some cheese to them and that made them extra yummy! OMG! Sooooo good. And then added some butter to them too. Ha! I know right? They just keep getting better. But that's what I usually do to a lot of foods, I buy them already made and then just doctor them up. Genius right? No, not really. C'mon Sandra Lee has a whole show about that on Food Network...Semi-Homemade! I love that show too though.

Then my mom (I am home for the weekend) went and got me a sundae from McDonald's. Mmmmmm, they have some tasty sundaes. My favorite is always the caramel sundae. I usually get the nuts too, but with the ulcers and all I had to forgo the nuts this time. I do like hand dipped ice cream, but there is nothing like soft serve. It's so creamy and uh...soft. Ha! Let me know if you like McDonald's sundaes too and which is your favorite?

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