Friday, October 9, 2009

Attention Sonic, I love You!

Tonight we went to Sonic, which is the absolute BEST, most fab-u-lous place ever!!!! I love Sonic. It was a total bummer that I couldn't get my usual Foot Long Chili Cheese Coney and Frito Chili Cheese Pie because of this stupid illness I have.

But I could get my favorite Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke. OMG!!! It is sooooo good!!! If you follow Kelly's blog over at Kelly's Corner then you know she also loves Sonic and goes there a lot. I wish I had one as close to me as she has to her! :) I would seriously be there every day. Ha!

Tonight, I had to settle for only half a grilled cheese sandwich (I shared it with my mom). I could get down only a few bites, but oh man, were those bites worth it. Mmmmmm.....sooooo good!

This is my niece eating her little junior candy sundae. It's only 50 cents and oh so adorable. She was loving those M&Ms.

If you have never been to Sonic, go to their website and check to see where the closest one is to you. The drive will be so worth it. Belive me, my mom and I drove an hour this past summer just to go there to eat!!!! :)

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  1. Never been to Sonic....? Is that possible!?!?! You drove an HOUR!? I'm within walking distance of TWO Sonics! Okay, maybe not walking, but they are less than 4 miles from me! Sonic is everywhere in the South!