Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OMG!!! Prindable-licious!!!!!!!!

Yes, this post required that many exclamation points in the title. Ha! :) My mom and sister and I ordered the Mrs. Prindable's candy/caramel covered apples from QVC (love me some QVC, by the way). I've seen them on there many times and always wanted to order them, but never did. Until this year. My sister and I just couldn't resists any longer. We ordered a bunch and split them between her, my mom and I.

We got the milk chocolate/peanut butter ones, the sprinkles ones, and the white and milk chocolate ones. OMG!!! They are so fab-u-lous and so incredibly good!!! Mmmmmm.... You really need to go onto their website right now this very instant and order them because you have not lived until you've tried the Mrs. Prindable's apples!!! Seriously, listen to me, order them right now. You won't regret it!

Has anyone else ever ordered these?????????? Did you like them?????????


  1. You and I pretty much have the same taste buds! My old boss ordered these a few years ago and brought them to work. I AM IN LOVE WITH THOSE THINGS. The apple is so tart and the outside is so sweet and delicious. I'm glad you are enjoying some! They are worth every penny!

  2. That is just FABULOUS to know! Because every dang year I wonder if they are as good as they look! Next year I'm getting them!