Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kung Pao Fighting

I seem to be in a Chinese food kick. After my last post, my blog friend Nicolle left me a comment letting me know her favorite Chinese food was Kung Pao Chicken. Well, since then I've been thinking about it. I went grocery shopping after work and came across the Asian section and saw all of the Simply Asia bowl varieties. You know the ones I am talking about from the commercials on TV...the girl on her lunch break and the little Asian guy that is talking about noodle enlightenment and all that. :)

My normal go to would be Pad Thai (looooove pad thai), but then saw the Kung Pao and thought of Nicolle and got that one. I just had it for dinner and OMG!!! yummy! Seriously, you need to go to your grocery store and pick up some of these. They are so good. And there are like a ton of choices and it only takes two minutes and done!

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  1. I've always wondered how those tasted. I'm definitely going to pick some up now. I trust your judgement!!! yummy.