Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On behalf of the Food Lovers Everywhere I accept...

Thank you so much from the Wife over at The Cobia Family for my Chic Blog Award. I love it! I am a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe and so this blog award is fab-u-lous!!! I am forwarding the Chic Blog Award to:
Southern College Girl
Joshua Brody Francis
Clemson Girl and the Coach
Boyd's Crazy Mama
Simply Southern
His Doorkeeper
Kiss My Pink Tiara
Goosman Art
Kim's Stampin' Pad
Dirty Pretty Things to Ponder
Sweet, Sassy, Southern and Classy

This blogs are all very Chic and I love reading them!!!


  1. Awe! Thank you my friend!!!

    Just a little teaser-- I'm off to WalMart for the first time since August. My list is a mile long and it's a lot of food! I promise to start blogging about my cooking!

  2. Nina, Thanks for the award! I have never thought of my blog being "chic" but I will take the compliment!!

    I saw your red velvet cupcakes and wondered if you have ever made the red velvet cakeballs? I think Kelly has them on her recipe blog! Everyone says they are delicious!

    We are snowed in pretty much and I have cooked more than I have in a year!! Not too shabby! At least my hubby is pleased!!

    Thanks again for the award!!

  3. Congrats NINA! So proud of you:) Love you BLOG way to go Girl..

  4. Thank you very much Nina! I have to try to get some updates on my blog. It does not feel veru chic right now.