Thursday, January 21, 2010

Down on the Farm Pizza

I really really love pizza. I swear my sister, Missy, and I could eat it every night and never get sick of it. I'm not a pizza snob either, I like it anyway and anywhere. I can Dominoe's, Pizza Hut, fancier restaurant pizza and even some frozen pizzas. However, every now and then I like making my own pizza. It's really easy and I can include all of the favorite toppings and it doesn't cost me $1.75 extra per topping! (Seriously, that's what it cost at the cheaper pizza places in Connecticut. It's insane!)

When I'm at my mom's place I will even make my own crust using her bread machine. Sometimes I make it ahead of time and freeze them so I have them when I need them, but that hasn't happened for awhile. And so, I bought some pizza dough at Trader Joe's and you know how healthy Trader Joe's is and so it is was whole wheat pizza dough. I was hesitant, but decided to get it anyway. It ended up being really moist and not too sticky or doughy (is doughy a word?). As you notice in the picture above I am using a pizza stone. I got mine through Pampered Chef and I LOVE my pizza stone. It is incredible and cooks everything so evenly. It is definitely worth every penny because they can be a little pricey, but again so worth it!

I made a veggie pizza this time (hence the farm reference in the title) and used a lot of my favorite veggies, such as mushrooms and black olives (are black olives a veggie???). I used the canned ones. Oh hush up. Who cares if they were canned versus fresh. Get over it. :) I also shredded my own mozzarella. Actually that wasn't my intention, I thought I was buying fresh mozzarella and was going to slice it and just put that on the pizza with some fresh basil, but then opened it and realized it wasn't fresh and so my plans changed. Thank goodness for some well-stocked canned goods. Phleh. :) I also really like the Pepino Pizza Sauce that you can get in the Pizza sauce aisle at the grocery store. However, I realized that I didn't have any and so this time I used Trader Joe's Marinara Sauce. It was more watery than I like on a pizza, but I didn't put a lot on and so it was okay.

I then put it in a 425 degree oven for about 8 minutes and walluh, perfecto! Okay, maybe not perfecto, but it was really good. It was so cheesy, which is how I like it. Sure, it makes it more difficult to eat because it is flimsy, but it was cheesy and that's all that really matters right?

Do you make your own pizza and what are your favorite toppings?


  1. That pizza looks so good it almost looks fake!

  2. Oh wow! I make my own pizza, but it's nothing like that. My dough is just an envelope that I add water too. Your dough looks incredible!

    We like mushrooms, onion, hamburger and pepperoni. Usually I make a pizza on Friday night, and it's just whatever we have in the fridge. haha. When we eat pizza out, I prefer thin crust. Although, I pretty much love all pizza.

    Thank you for the pacakage. I got it today. :)) I sent you an email. You are so sweet!