Friday, January 29, 2010

Do You Love Meringues??? Or Should I Say Cloud Fluff??

I just recently started loving Meringues. Mmmmm...sooooo yummy! I have some vanilla ones from Trader Joe's right now (don't worry my friends in Texas without Trader Joe's, you can get Meringues almost anywhere!). I had them sitting out for the book club last weekend and they were such a hit. My mom has always liked Meringues but me notsomuch, until recently. I'm so glad I started liking them though because OMG!!! they are fab-u-lous!!! And they are fat free. What's not to love about that right??? I've seen them in a variety of different flavors and am excited to try all of them.

They are so pretty too right? I love the shape of them. It is fun and whimsical and they are light and fluffy. Maybe they should be called Cloud Fluff instead of Meringues. Ha! :)

Do you like Meringues and what flavor is your favorite???


  1. I love those meringues, too! There are also these bitty sized ones (1 calorie each) that I have seen at the regular grocery store and they are fun to eat. Keep your eye out for those :)

  2. I guess I've never really thought about meringues. I've eaten them in the past, but can't remember what they taste like. I will buy some next time I see them. They are really cute and make a fun dessert for a party!

  3. HEAVEN! I cant buy these cuz I will eat half the container on the way home and then the other half once I park the car. My fav is mint choc. chip- amazing!!