Monday, November 29, 2010

Not Bogged Down with These Cranberries

My mom makes this amazing Cranberry Relish each holiday. Believe me it is fab-u-lous!!!! People who think they don't like cranberry relish have got to try this kind because you will loooooove it! It is a perfect combination of tart and sweet. And it is so incredibly simple to make.

So all you do is take a bag of frozen cranberries (You just buy them at the grocery store and freeze them) and an orange. You grind these together. You grind the orange peel and all.

My mom uses this old fashioned food grinder that suctions onto the table and you put the cranberries and the orange in the top and turn the handle which pushes the fruit through the grinder. I'm sure you could also use a food processor. But, to me, there is something nostalgic and nice about using a machine that has been used for probably well over 30-some years to make so many dishes that so many others have enjoyed. I love that idea.

Okay, so once you have the cranberries and orange ground, you simply add in 1 cup of sugar and mix it all together. That's it!! Yes, really. That's all there is to it. Next, you just take spoonful and enjoy! How do you make your cranberry relish?


  1. That relish looks so good and fresh. I haven't made it for a couple of years now but I have a good recipe my Mother always used. I'll have to look it up. I think it had pecans in it! Yum!

    Did you see my buttermilk pie recipe I posted? You should try is delicious....even if you don't like buttermilk!

  2. I love sweet and tart. I would LOVE that. I have not ever made anything like it. In fact, I rarely have cranberries at all. I love the nostalgia of the old food grinder as well.

    ps. thanks for your sweet comment yesterday. i loved everything you said. i kept thinking about it today. thank you!