Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fried Pies???

When my mom and I were touring Tennessee this past summer we stopped by Loretta Lynn's Country restaurant and store. I love me some Loretta Lynn (she is being honored on the CMAs tonight too!!!!!) and so we had to stop.

While there I bought these fried pies. I remember Kelley over at Kelly's Korner always blogging about Fried Pies. She always talked about the chocolate ones, which sounded so yummy, but we could only find the peach ones. We got them and then pulled over on the side of the road before even getting back on the highway and ate them. They were good. Not fantastic, but good. I would probably get them again definitely, but probably not the peach ones. Now if I can ever find the chocolate ones, I am all over that.

Have you ever heard of Fried Pies and if so, where can I get more of them???? Keep in mind that I live way up north in Pennsylvania and have seriously never heard of them around here, but can I order them somewhere?

Here are some more pictures of Loretta Lynn's place. We also stopped by her mansion and also her daughter Sissy Lynn's store.

This is a remake of the house she grew up in.


  1. Ha! I've ONLY had chocolate fried pies - if you could get your hands on a good one - you would be in heaven! I promise!!!!
    Sounds like a fun trip y'all had!!!

  2. Nina, oh my. You are speaking to my tummy. We love fried pies here in Texas. :)

    We love these, a lot. They ship anywhere, so you are in luck!!

    I love the chocolate ones, also coconut and lemon are favorites.

    Love Loretta Lynn too!

  3. Hey, Nina, you haven't lived a full life unless you have had a warm chocolate fried pie!! Seriously! You come down here to Arkansas and you can get fried pies of every description!! Now I'm craving one!