Thursday, July 29, 2010


I love fudge. Plain and simple, it's just good stuff. My mom has always loved fudge but until recently my notsomuch. My mom makes really good fudge too. She makes peanut butter fudge and orange creamcicle fudge. Man, the stuff is good.
While we were in Pigeon Forge, TN. we did quite a bit of shopping. We needed a break one of the days and decided to just sit down at this little bakery and get some fudge to share and a cup of coffee. The fudge was OMG!!!! FAB-U-LOUS!!!! We got three different little slivers to try and share. It was so incredibly hard to just order slivers and not big 'ole hunks of the stuff.

This first one was called a Bear Paw and it was layers of chocolate and peanut butter!!! Seriously sooooo good.

The second one was called a Tiger Paw and it was layers of white chocolate and peanut butter!! Amazing!!! And I'm not even a big white chocolate person, but man oh day this stuff was incredible!!!

Then because I love pecans we got a pecan and caramel and white chocolate one. I cannot remember if it had a cutesie name or not, but it was GOOD!!!!!

Who out there loves fudge? What's your favorite???

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  1. I love fudge. I guess my favorite is just plain chocolate, or chocolate with pecans. There is an orange one that we get at Sam's during the holidays, and it's good!

    Your pictures make me want some now. :)