Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can you say BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! No really, OMG!!!! We went to Corky's BBQ in Memphis and has the BEST BBQ EVER!!! Yes, everything must be in caps when I am talking about this place because it is that good!!! I had heard about Corky's many times on QVC, but never tried it. Food Network also did a show with the best BBQ places and Corky's was on the list. It is so good!

I got the "regular" portion of ribs. Yep, this is the regular size!! I got them wet, which means barbecue sauce on them. You could also get them dry, which is Memphis style, but I like it saucy! You also got a side of cole slaw, which was fab-u-lous and some barbecue baked beans, which were also fab-u-lous!!!

Then of course since I am in the south I thought it would be sacrilegious to not get sweet tea. The sweet tea was amazing. How are y'all not diabetic though with all the sugar??? :) If I lived in the south I would be drinking that ALL DAY LONG!!!!

My mom got the pulled pork and then she put some sauce on it. The pulled pork was sooooo good too! Fantastically delicious!!!

These ribs were the best and there are Corky's chains all over TN. and so if you are ever here then you've got to try them. Or if not, then watch QVC when they do food and buy some. It is so worth it.


  1. Yum. I knew you would find some great bbq! And, sweet tea, don't even get me favorite! Hope you and your mom are having a ball!

  2. We have eaten in Corky's in Memphis and in Little Rock. Actually, I love their BBQ but we have this little place in the town next to us that has even better BBQ and their beans are to die for!

    I don't drink sweet tea but have to fix my tea with lots of fresh lemon and Sweet N Low!!

    Hope you are having a great trip!!