Sunday, March 7, 2010

Strawberries and Chocolate = Yumminess

Tastefully Simple just came out with their new spring/summer line of products and OMG!!! they are are incredible! I will be blogging about them throughout the next couple of weeks or months.

They have this amazing Strawberry Cheeseball Mix that is fab-u-lous!!! I like it as a cheeseball because c'mon what's not better than a sweet and delicious ball of cheese covered in graham cracker crumbs??? However, I thought of another way to serve it. I got this idea of sandwich cookies from the Joshua Brody Francis blog (you should check it out because it is a lot of fun to read and her sister has an amazing poof for her hair!!). A couple of weeks ago she made some chocolate chip cookies with vanilla icing in-between. Well, I thought it would be fantastic to make the Strawberry Cheeseball mix and then put that in-between two double chocolate chunk cookies. I then rolled them in red sprinkes. OMG!!! Can I just tell you how insanely good they were!!!! I mean really, strawberry cream cheese in-between chocolate chunk cookies!!!!

You should really try it out. They are incredible!! I am also going to try the Key Lime Cheeseball Mix in-between sugar cookies. I will blog about them too. Stay tuned.

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  1. Nina...yer just DANGEROUS with all the yummy food! LOL
    I'll be honest that the top pic was a bit unappealing at first, but then I read yer description and now I wanna try them. They sound totally amazing!