Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wild About Blueberries

Last night I didn't feel like cooking anything for dinner. I was tired and blah. So, I decided I would go to Cracker Barrel. Now you know from previous posts how much I totally love Cracker Barrel. It's cute and cozy and warm (they had the fireplace going). I also love how you can order breakfast any old time. I love having breakfast for supper sometimes. Hey, somewhere in the world it is breakfast time anyway. :)

So, I ordered the Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes. They are so delicious!! Absolutely fab-u-lous!!! I swear there are like a million blueberries in the pancakes and a big old hunk of butter too. But c'mon there are three huge pancakes and so of course you need a big hunk of butter right? I also always get bacon on the side. When I pour the syrup on the pancakes I also pour some on the bacon too. Seriously, syrup on bacon is outstanding!!!!! OMG!!! So yummy! I love how Cracker Barrel gives you your own little wee bottle of syrup. It's so cute.

I always walk around the country store after eating. They have the cutest things and I always get suckered into buying something. I got the cutest snowman polar fleece sweatshirt Too cute!

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