Monday, November 16, 2009

No Minced Fish Here

I love that commercial where the little girl is reading the fish sticks box and sees where the fish sticks are minced and she says "Minced! Have you ever seen a minced fish?" I love it. It always makes me laugh.

I love fish sticks. Seriously, when I was in graduate school there was a time when I had them at least once, if not twice, every week. What's not to like? They are fried, crispy, and usually pretty cheap. Ha! I got these at Trader Joe's (My blog friend Nicholle is going to kill me because I am always talking about Trader Joe's and there aren't any in Texas near her. :( That would make me sad too.) and they are low fat. I was hesitant at first because I don't like to mess around with fish sticks, but the healthy angel on my one shoulder was winning the battle and so I bought them. Well, I gotta tell ya, they are pretty darn good. There isn't nearly as much breading on them and so that is where the lower fat comes in, but really they are still very tasty. If your kids like fish sticks, but you know the fried pat is not as good for them, well try the lower fat version. They are really good and I bet your kids wouldn't even know the difference.

I also had a pea and corn mixture. This is again one of the Green Giant single servings. This one has a butter basil sauce and it is so good. I am loving these single servings.

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  1. Haha. I won't kill ya, but I am totally jealous!!! My sister travels all over the US for work, and she's always telling me about Trader Joe's. I'm not a big fish lover, but those sound really good. I'm going to tell my husband that we have to take our camper on vacation where there is a Trader Joe's. :))