Sunday, November 8, 2009

Krabby Patties

Sponge Bob would be so proud. :) I made these very yummy crab cakes for dinner tonight. I got them at Trader Joe's last week. OMG!! They are amazing. You simply thaw them and then put them in a skillet for about 5 minutes (no joke, that's really all the longer it takes) and then yummo, you're on your way to sensational tasty bliss. :) The spices and flavor is unbelievable. It's really hard to believe they were frozen. They are not really thick and so if that is what you like then these would probbaly not be for you. But hey, they come in a two pack and so I guess you could pile one on top of the other and there you have it, a thicker crab cake you will loooooove.

I also had some cheesy cauliflower. These are the new single servings from Green Giant. I live by myself and therefore the size is perfect! Genius really. I just cannot believe it took someone so long to figure single servings out. Really, it's not rocket science. They are perfect for a snack or to take along in your lunch. They just go into the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes and then some cheesy goodness. They come in different vegetables such as corn and a light butter sauce (OMG!!!) and peas and corn in a basil butter sauce and broccoli and cheese. They are sponsored by Weight Watchers and are only 1 point and so if that is what you follow then this is so good and helpful for you.

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  1. First, I wish I had a Trader Joe's here. I've heard so much great stuff about that place. We don't have them in Texas. darn!

    This meal looks great. When I was single, I always wished that bread would come in half a loaf! The cauliflower looks really good! I will have to get back to doing some food posts soon. My toddler has taken up all of my time lately! :)

    Have a nice week!