Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Like Sticking a Straw in a Coconut

That's what the container says. :) I bought some of this coconut water last week at Whole Paycheck, that's what my friends and I in grad school called Whole Foods! :) The water is by Vita Coco. I was thinking it would be like milk, but it really is like water. Silly me, not sure what I was thinking. I mean, c'mon it says coconut "water". Duh! :)

It has an interesting flavor. Not sure what I quite think about it. I wish it were more coconutty. (Not sure if that is a word, but as I tell my students, it's a words now.) It is 100% pure coconut water. I've never cracked open a coconut and drank the water out of it and so I wasn't sure what to expect. If I ever make it onto Suvivor, I am all set though. (It is an obsession of mine to make it onto Suvivor one of these days!!!)

Have you ever tried this coconut water before? Or any type of coconut water before? Did ya like it?


  1. I've never tried any of it before. It sounds interesting. Bummer that you didn't like it more. I LOVE pretty much anything coconut.

  2. I will try to find some of this water for sure.

    Yes, we opened the pickles a couple of days ago. I love them. They are different than any other bread and butter pickles I've ever had. I took pictures to put on my blog soon. Just need to load them. Thank you so much for sending those to us! They are fabulous. :))

  3. I followed you here from Nicolle's blog.

    I'm going to have to try this coconut water. I've never heard of it before now.

    And, I LOVE food blogs!!