Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Giddy'Up Pizza

Not sure about this title but I was thinking fresh foods from the farm, hence the giddy'up and it is a pizza. Ha! I guess sometimes my reasoning only makes sense to me. :)

This is one of my mom's and I's favorite homemade pizzas. It is so simple and really, really good. First you just drizzle some olive oil on the crust and then add some fresh spinach, fresh basil and some goat cheese. Those are definitely the staples. You can also then add whatever you like. We added cherry tomatoes last night. My sister, Missy, doesn't like tomatoes which is why only half of the pizza has tomatoes. Sometimes we also add mushrooms or sun-dried tomatoes.

Missy made this pizza. If I would have been made by me it would have a ton more spinach on it. I really load on the spinach. Don't worry if it looks like too much because it never is. The spinach wilts down once it gets warm and so it is never too much. :)

Do you make your own veggie pizza and if so what are your toppings?

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