Friday, August 27, 2010

P B & B

No, not P B & J, but P B & B, which stands for Peanut Butter and Banana. Elvis had it goin on man because this combination is outstanding. I don't put mine on bread though. Instead, I use the Quaker Fat Free Caramel Cakes. OMG!!! These are sooooo good. I mean, really folks, they are caramel and fat free. Totally a win win right?

So, I just take two caramel cakes and slather on (yes, I really do slather it on and the word slather is a funny word, it reminds me of Slytherin from Harry Potter, but anywho. Man, do I ever digress. Ha!) Better N' Peanut Butter (one of the best peanut butters out there) and then slice up some bananas on top. Mmmmmmm, sooooooo good!!! And soooooo good for you too!!! It is only about 4 WW points and so it is the perfect snack. This is definitely one of my go to staples. Seriously I have this snack at least 2-3 or more times per week. It is fab-u-lous!!!! Your kids will love them. heck, your adults will love them too! :)

Do you use rice or corn cakes and if so which do you like and what do you put on them?

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