Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So Cute Baby Shower!!

On Saturday, I went to my friend Deirdre's Baby Shower. I teach with her at Sacred Heart University and she is having twins!!!! One boy and one girl!! Her shower was at Knapp's Landing Restaurant, which is right on the LI Sound in CT. There were a ton of people there and it was a really nice. I forgot my camera (DUH!) and so thankfully someone else got some pictures.

These were little Baby Buggy cookies that were given to everyone as favors. OMG!!! TOO CUTE!!! And they were very very tasty too! I love baby showers because everything is so girly and adorable. Ha! For couples showers, I'm sorry but it is still girly!

And here were the cakes. How incredible are they??? The blue one was chocolate with a raspberry filling and the pink one was vanilla with a lemon filling. They were super good too!

There were also pink and blue M&M's on the table with little sayings on them like "2 is better" and "twice as nice".


  1. Those "baby buggy" cookies are just darling! I think you have to be an artist to make them! Really!!
    The cakes were cute too! A boy and girl twins will be interesting!

  2. Iam looking for cookies just like this for a baby shower here is CT can you tell me where they are from by chance?

  3. I am looking for cookies exactly like this for a shower I am hosting in CT , could you tell me where they are from by chance?