Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fire Up the Grill

I was over at my friend's house yesterday and we grilled burgers for dinner. These burgers were so delicious!!

Her husband wanted me to capture the entire grilling experience and to show how serious he is about his grilling. Ha! :) (Plus, he thinks having this blog is super cool!)

This picture is of course of the grill. He put the hammer on top to show his seriousness. If you mess with his grill he will knock you out with the hammer.

You can see the thickness of the burgers. You have to make them thick though because once they start cooking then they shrink and nobody wants an itty bitty burger. The red pepper flakes add that little kick at the end. Mmmmmm...

My friend also made this great tortellini salad. It had diced pancetta, sugar snap peas, fresh dill out of her garden and tomatoes. It is so fresh and delightful. Really, really good. It's something different from the usual potato or macaroni salad.

What a fab-u-lous plate of food right? Soooo yummy!!!! And the lettuce on the burger was right out of her garden.

Burgers on the grill always make me think it is officially summer. Yes, I know you can grill during the winter, but there's nothing like a warm summer evening and the grill fired up and burgers cooking. I like burgers plain and also with toppings. My favorites are mushrooms, bacon, cheese and tomatoes. How do you like your burgers?

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  1. Your pictures are great. The food all looks delicious. I have never thought of adding the red pepper flakes to a burger. We will have to try that.