Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack and with Meringues!!!!

So sorry for being incognito again. I just had to get through the end of the semester. There was sooooo much grading to do and unfortunately the blog went by the wayside. But I am back now and OMG!!! have I got some yumminess for you!

We got a new Whole Foods in Connecticut. Okay, well it's been here for a couple of months but it is a couple of towns over and I just got there for the first time today. Let me tell you though I will go back OFTEN!!!

I picked up these incredible meringues. I blogged about meringues awhile back. I LOVE (super puffy pink heart) them!!! They are so light and refreshing. And because of the lightness of them of course that just means you can eat more of them. Ha! :)

My friend Erin is under the weather and I know how much she LOVES meringues and so I picked some up for her and dropped them by to cheer her up. :)

I got some Lemon Meringues. No, not lemon meringue pie but Lemon Meringues. Ha! I crack myself up.

I also picked up some Dulce de Leche flavored ones. YUMMY!!! Seriously they are so good. I really don't know which ones I like best.

These came in the mini size, which makes them uber cute!! I mean seriously, look at the cuteness!!

(I just got my new camera a couple weeks ago and love the clearness when I zoom in! This thing has a 30x zoom!!!!!!!!)

Do you love meringues and if so what's your favorite flavor??? I shoudl try making meringues. Nah, buying them is so much better!


  1. I'm so glad you are back too!

    Glad you liked the postcard. The trip was so much fun! I posted a bunch of pictures from the trip over the last few days. Not sure if you got a chance to see them or not.

    I need to buy some of these meringues. They are so cute and look yummy. I don't know when I had them last. It's been a long time. I can't even think of how they taste anymore!

  2. YAHOO! Ok, not only did you make my whole day, week, month, year by bringing me a surprise treat but MERINGUES!!! Is it classy to admitt I ate the entire container of the lemon ones today? um yeah. Ok to my defense this cold has wiped out my taste and smell...but I could just taste the lemon in these so kept on eating!!!!! Will break out the other container tomorrow. I am also thrilled to report my hubby hates these things so NO SHARING! how great is that?:-} Thanks again girl! Totally gave me a much needed boost xo

  3. Nina, Glad you are back too!! End of school is as maddening as the beginning of school!!!

    I have never had meringues but I bet they are delicious!

    By the way, I LOVE sweet potato fries. (Your last post) They are the best! Have you ever had them with a little maple syrup drizzled on them? YUM!